David Ronnefalk wins 4wd class and is 2018 Double European Champion!

HMX® Technology is very proud to announce that David Ronnefalk won the 4wd European Championship title in Reims/France today, just a few days after winning the 2wd title! This is the sixth Euros title for the Swedish ace! With Jörn Neumann on second position this makes a dream result for HMX – the new generation speed controllers!

After the US National title and two Worlds titles of Ryan Maifield in 2017, this is the next amazing success for the 32 bit processor controlled HMX® devices!

Can THIS be a coincidence? Since its release in 2017 the HMX speed controllers have become double World and double European Champions!

The race in Reims today was a show of dominance from David Ronnefalk. After taking TQ position, the newly crowned 2wd European Champion won a main number one and two with an advance of 2 seconds in the first and 4 seconds in the second final. Compared to the 2wd title this looked like a walk!

Many congratulations go to David Ronnefalk and his mechanic and mentor Adrien Bertin for this incredible result, and to German super star Jörn Neumann for his fantastic second place!

1. David Ronnefalk – S – HMX® Technology
2. Jörn Neumann – D – HMX® Technology
3. Michal Orlowski – PL
4. Jean-Pierrick Sartel – FR
5. Bruno Coelho – PT
6. Lee Martin – GB
7. Joona Haatanen – FIN
8. Renaud Savoya – FR
9. Davide Ongaro – IT
10. Daniel Kobbevik – NO


Checkout David’s car by clicking here!

HMX® Technology and David Ronnefalk are 2018 European Champions!


The final day of the 2018 EFRA 1/10th Electric Buggy European Championship was held in Reims/France yesterday. We are proud to announce that David Ronnefalk took home the victory in the 2wd class in front of Lee Martin and Joanna Haatanen using HMX speed controllers!

Starting from 4th place on the grid, David placed himself on third position in the first a main on the slippery and demanding race track. Only pole setter Michal Orlowski and Joanna Haatanen were in front of the Swedish ace.

In a main number two, Haatanen and Orlowski both made an early mistake while Ronnefalk and Martin were battling for victory in an extremely hot fight. It was David who won the battle with a lead of 0.114 seconds.

Now all came down to the third final to decide who was the European Champion 2018! Again Haatanen and Orlowski were in early troubles which allowed Lee and David to take the lead. While being on second position David knew it was enough to win his next European Championship title. With 3 tenths of a second Martin won the race in front of David and Neil Cragg.

David Ronnefalk crowned himself European Champion 2018 using the HMX 10 Modified speed controller. Congratulations!

Final results:

  1. David Ronnefalk – HB Racing / Team Orion (HMX)
  2. Lee Martin – Yokomo
  3. Joona Haatanen – Team Associated
  4. Neil Cragg – Team Associated
  5. Renaud Savoya – TLR
  6. Michal Orlowski – Schumacher
  7. Bruno Coelho – Xray
  8. Davide Ongaro – Team Associated
  9. Jörn Neumann – Schumacher / Team Orion (HMX)
  10. Clement Boda – Team Associated