HMX® Firmware and App Updates


We have released new firmwares 1.04 and 2.04 for modified and blinky. The main changes are:

  • Low end power response improved
  • Possibility to have stronger brakes by lowering brake frequency
  • Timing increase now has more effect on performance (need less timing than previous firmware)
  • Punch setting range extended
  • Max torque setting function improved
  • Added a brake frequency setting to change brake feeling/power (lower = stronger)
  • Modified firmware now has default working timing settings (RPM/Turbo) with 10deg timing (you don’t need to start from scratch anymore)
  • Blinky firmware 2.04 is EFRA approved

The PC app and Android app have been updated to make them compatible with these changes. You need to update both the apps and the firmwares, the Apps are only fully compatible with the latest firmwares. If you had existing setups inside the Android app we recommend that you rework these setups again, because they might not be fully compatible with the new settings and/or they might not provide satisfactory performance as we have made changes to the power curve internal settings to improve overall performance and feeling.

NOTE: Modified and Blinky firmwares do not have the same internal settings, you need to use the Blinky firmware for best performance in Blinky class. The Blinky firmware is the only homologated firmware for Blinky races. With the Blinky firmware all the timing functions are always disabled, it is impossible to activate/use timing with it. The Apps and firmwares are always separate files, the Apps do not contain the firmwares, you need to download them through the Android app or manually from our for the PC app (which you also have to download from the website).

Known issues in the Android app being worked on :

  • After flashing a firmware you need to close and restart the app to be able to modify the settings
  • Setups don’t show in the app unless you close and restart the app
  • Voltage cut-off reverts to 2.8V/cell when a setup is used to change the settings vs making the settings manually

You can get the new files by clicking here.