Interview with 2018 Electric Off-Road Double European Champion David Ronnefalk


HMX: Congratulations for your EFRA European Championship titles in 2wd and 4wd off-road electric buggy! You used our HMX10 Modified speed controllers in both of your cars. Was the ESC important for your success?
David Ronnefalk: Thanks a lot! The HMX10 has really been a great success since it was released and for sure it played a big part in my success as well. It is very adjustable and we found a great setup for the slippery conditions in Reims.

HMX: What are the most important differences for you as a driver between the HMX speedos and old fashioned speed controllers.
David: For me the most noticeable difference from previous ESCs I have used is really the brakes and that it is very consistent throughout the full runs. The very unique conditions we were facing in Reims this summer was really a challenge. Being able to have such smooth power delivery as well as smooth braking were the keys for the success.

HMX: HMX speed controllers can be setup by the Android app using an included cable, the iOS using the wireless dongle and the PC software. Which device are you using and why?
David: I have been using the PC as for now. I’m a Apple freak so I have been waiting for the IOS dongle which is now available, so I’m sure I will start to use that hehe!

HMX: Will “normal” drivers feel any difference using the HMX controller – will they make faster lap times using?
David: I think the HMX controller is a great step forward for us and I’m sure they would improve their speed on both slippery conditions as well as high grip (carpet) racing. As the brakes and power can be adjusted to suit any conditions really I have no doubts on that.

HMX: What is for you the most important feature of the HMX 10 speed controller?
David: For me it is the brakes on low grip conditions and that the power is not fading on indoor carpet racing. The electronics gets extremely hot indoor on carpet so to have something that feels the same from first till last lap is awesome!


David Ronnefalk’s European Championship winning car with HMX10 Modified speed controller