Interview with Jörn Neumann


HMX: Congratulations for your second position in 4wd and top 10 position in 2wd at the EFRA European Championship held in France this summer! You used our HMX10 Modified speed controllers in both of your cars. Was the ESC important for your success?
Jörn: Yes, at this track it was very important to have really smooth electrics to get the most grip as the track had not much grip.

HMX: What are the most important differences for you as a driver between the HMX speedos and old fashioned speed controllers
Jörn: I think the biggest difference are the fine adjustments which you can make with the HMX speedos. On old style speedos not every parameter allowed small adjustments. With the HMX that changed and everybody can tune it how they like it.

HMX: HMX speed controllers can be setup by the Android app using an included cable, the iOS using the wireless dongle and the PC software. Which device are you using and why?
Jörn: So far I use the PC software, because I don’t have a iOS BLE dongle yet 😉

HMX: Will “normal” drivers feel any difference using the HMX controller – will they make faster lap times using it?
Jörn: I am sure everybody will feel the difference when using the HMX speedo. It is very smooth, especially at braking. It’s very much possible that they will achieve faster laptimes if correctly used.

HMX: What is for you the most important feature of the HMX 10 speed controller?
Jörn: To pick one feature is difficult as the HMX has so many good features, but I would go with the brake frequency setting as it can make a big difference on the track.

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Jörn Neumann has won the following races using HMX® speed controllers:

  • 1ster EOS Arena33 2WD
  • 2ter EOS Arena33 4WD
  • Stadium Truck Deutscher Meister 2017
  • Lyon GP Champion 2WD und 4WD
  • Belgium Efra GP Champion 2WD
  • Warm up German Nationals 2WD 2018