Questions and Answers about HMX®

1) What is HMX®?

HMX® is a new brushless technology and smartphone app developed by Team Orion®, the World Championship winning manufacturer of electronic speed controllers for radio controlled cars, and IRP, a company which designs and manufactures Hummingbird Motion Systems, a patented electric motion technology.

2) What is special about HMX®?

HMX® is probably the first collaboration of first class industrial engineers working with a World Championship winning team of RC specialists in order to develop a brand new product from scratch. The HMX® speed controllers share no piece of hard- or software with any other product on the market! One specialty is the mobile app.

3) Who is behind HMX®?

The company Neidhart SA, Swiss Distributor of R/C products since 1968 who is also behind the world-renowned brands Team Orion®, Nvision®, Peak Racing® and HB Racing®, is the owner of the HMX® trademark and intellectual properties related to it. It is their Team of World Champion drivers and R&D managers who developed the HMX® Technology in collaboration with first class engineers from IRP who provide high-performance electric motion systems for industrial and flying robots.

4) Where can I buy HMX® speed controllers?

We do not sell products under the HMX® brand but have other manufacturers integrate the technology into their products. The first speed controller using HMX® technology will be the Team Orion® HMX10. It is available through the Team Orion® distribution network. You can expect this product to be available in hobby stores and online shops world-wide as any other Team Orion® product.

5) Under which brand names HMX® speed controllers are sold?

Team Orion® is the first brand using HMX® technology in their new HMX10 speed controller. The technology is under full control of the Swiss company Neidhart SA. Companies and brands who would like to make use of this first class technology in their products are welcome. Owners and developers may contact us through the contact form on this website.

6) Will you also have speed controllers for 1/8 scale cars?

The technology for 1/8 scale cars is ready and we are in negotiation with different manufacturers for new 1/8 projects. Come back to our website to find more information.

7) When will the iOS app be available?

The iOS® app is available in App Store now. For the connection with an iOS® device the optional Bluetooth dongle ORI65193 is required.

8) What is the price of the smartphone app?

The app is free and will always be free. However in-app purchases for existing or new functionalities of the app might be installed later.

9) Who has tested and developed the HMX® speed controllers?

The HMX® speed controller have been tested by World Class drivers such as Ryan Cavalieri, Dustin Evans, Jilles Groskamp, Cody King, Ryan Maifield, Jörn Neumann, Dakotah Phend, David Ronnefalk, Jared Tebo (list in alphabetical order). The development is a collaboration between the Neidhart SA World Champion R&D team and IRP, specialist in electric motion technology.

10) Where are HMX® speed controllers assembled?

HMX® speed controllers are the result of an international team of developers, designers and team drivers. Also the components are manufactured in dozens of different countries. We are very proud of that international collaboration; but we are also proud to say that we assemble and program every single HMX® speed controller in our headquarters in Geneva/Switzerland.

11) Are you protected against copy cats?

We take the protection of our intellectual property very serious and respect the property of others. The core developments of HMX® are the ESC firmware and the smartphone application. Both are very difficult to be copied and protected by copyright law. The app and the ESC design have been registered (Hague Registrations DM/091 201 and DM/091 196) additionally. We are open for collaborations with other companies, however we also take legal action against companies or individuals infringing on our rights.

12) I have seen Modified and Blinky ESC models. What is the difference?

We've created a special guide to explain the difference between the modified and blinky ESC models. You can download it in our download section or by clicking here.

13) How can I connect to the HMX® ESCs?

Android mobile devices: OTP cable (included)
iOS mobile devices: Optional BLE wireless dongle required (ORI65193)
Windows Computers: PC-Software (download here)
Mac Computers: no software available